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The Level Teaspoon is a podcast for cooks who love recipes and the people they feed. It's hosted by T. Susan Chang, longtime cookbook reviewer for the Boston Globe, NPR, and others. Each week we'll look at the latest cookbook releases, we'll talk about what's going on in the world of recipes, and we'll test one or two recipes with a friend who likes to cook. Come back weekly for more good food and people to eat it with!
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Nov 15, 2016

Something different this week: I begin my annual search for the Best Recipes of 2016.

In this episode, we look at one of them: Ningbo Omelet with Dried Shrimp and Chives, from Land of Fish and Rice by Fuchsia Dunlop.


Also: assorted breakfast recipes from Rise and Shine, by Katie Sullivan-Morford, with guest Jandro Levins.

Alejandro Levins is an entrepreneur, investor and consultant interested in improving our food system through innovation. His love of eating and feeding others led to his love of cooking, which he does nearly every day. You can also check out the wicked cool cheese cutter Jandro mentions in the interview while you're listening.


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